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There are many things to treasure and be thankful during a lifetime and sending and receiving cards and letters is one of them for me.  Over the past decade, we have watched the cost of postage stamps go up in price.    Now it is .48 cent.   For many people, this rise in postage cost along with emails, Facebook, and texting; have reduced letter writing and Christmas cards.    So I find myself grateful to everyone who shares a Christmas card and writes me a letter.    

I personally enjoy creating Christmas cards each year.   I make about 20 for my Mom to send and about 80 for me.   This year I made 105 Christmas cards.   The joyful message of Jesus's birth and wishes for Peace of Earth never changes for me.   I hope for you this season, is you will send some Christmas cards and write a letter or two.   


A picture of the postage stamps I have at this moment in November.   


An article from REAL SIMPLE Magazine, December 2016 called 4 cent

"The cost of the first Christmas postage stamp (4 cent), released in 1962.   Despite controversy over whether religious themed stamps violated the separation of church and state, the U.S. Post Office Department anticipated a huge demand for the inaugural Christmas stamp and printed 350 million, the biggest printing for a special stamp at the time.   That wasn't enough.  The initial supply sold out quickly and by the end of 1962, 1 billion of the stamps, which featured a wreath and two candles, had been printed and distributed.   Since then the U.S. Postal Service has issued contemporary and traditional holiday stamps." 



Cards from the Hospice Card Making Event

A special thank you for everyone who participated in the Hospice Card Making event on September 23, 2016.    Eighty cards were made.   There were 3 different Thank You cards, 3 different Patriotic cards, and 2 different Sympathy cards.  The cards and envelopes were delivered on September 26.   We received a thank you email letter from the Cleveland Clinic Volunteer Coordinator, Koula Callas.   

I plan to host this event in the Spring.   There are two ways to participate:  Prepare for assembly 10 cards to be shared with others or yourself to finish.  OR  Sponsor 10 cards for $20 to be made by me to assemble yourself or by others.   

Picture of the Assortment of Cards Made